Hanford Bay Assoc Ltd

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Founded in 1987, Hanford Bay Associates, Ltd. is a software developer and consulting firm specializing in resource management and scheduling solutions for complex multi-dimensional operating, particularly human resource intensive, environments. Hanford Bay's solutions extend beyond traditional methods by dynamically modeling the user's enterprise and operating environment with user supplied data. Our advanced and unique architecture provides significant benefits and 'real-world, real-time' knowledge immediately. The solutions improve teamwork, efficiency, and effectiveness by optimizing resource scheduling and coverage. A greater and enhanced "vision" of resource utilization and availability is provided.Hanford Bay Associates, Ltd. has created alliances with other software companies whose solutions complement and benefit from Hanford Bay's solutions. However, Hanford Bay provides "one point" of responsibility and accountability to its clients. Hanford Bay's solutions are primarily delivered using an Applications Service Provider (ASP) via the internet, offering affordable, easily justified pricing. Traditional on-site, "per user," software pricing is also available. Solutions, flexible and adaptable for each user, are intuitive and easy-to-use via the MS Internet Browser as the User Interface. Complete "turn-key" implementation services are offered, tailored to the organization's uniqueness and insuring its success. On-going software subscription and comprehensive support services are also provided and constructed to the client's needs.