Our passion. Intelligent Ventilation solutions

Ever since we were founded in 1983, our focus has been on supporting the frontline heroes of critical care - with ventilation technologies that are safe, effective, and lung-protective. And we want to lessen the load for those who make extraordinary efforts every day, helping seriously ill patients fight their way back to health.

That is why we are committed to helping medical teams deliver the best respiratory care - to anyone, anywhere. That commitment is present in everything we do.

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Individualized learning 24/7. Enroll at our e‑Academy

"I'd love to take part in that course, but I just can't fit it in." Does that sound familiar? So many of us want to expand our knowledge, but we struggle to find the time.

At our e‑Academy, you can choose what you want to learn, when you want to learn it, and for how long. Whether basic or more advanced, general ventilation knowledge or specifics of our devices, the e‑Academy offers you an individualized learning experience ‑ all there at your fingertips, 24/7.

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