Gulf Fiberoptics Inc

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Gulf Fiberoptics is the premier industry-leading manufacturer of custom and standard fiber optics. Our products are found world-wide in various markets including Medical/Surgical, Photonics, US Military/Defense, and Industrial Automation. OUR QUALITY AND SERVICE ARE SECOND TO NONE! Gulf Fiberoptics was founded in 1996 by Christopher Kerns and Patrick Bennetts with a vision of establishing the company as a leading edge, comprehensive manufacturer of fiber optic products. This vision and on-going philosophy is applied everyday with a mission to manufacture HIGH QUALITY fiber optic components at a fair price while providing the VERY BEST customer care. The foundation of the company was formed by its ability to manufacture premium quality borosilicate raw fiber. Our state-of-the-art, in-house draw towers allow for a high level of quality control and custom material sizes to better serve the industry. Our careful selection of ultra-pure raw materials provides our products with a competitive advantage. In addition to our borosilicate fiber, we manufacture fiber optic patch cables and assemblies using other multimode fibers such as quartz and/or fused silica, with a wide selection of coatings and buffers.