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ICEQUEEN cryocapsule from GRAND-CRYO The GRAND-CRYO company was established in 2010 for the purpose of production of the modern equipment for carrying out procedures of the general cryotherapy. We are located in Moscow, Russia. The idea of own production came with understanding that most of popular cryocameras in Russia and abroad are technologically ineffective. And it significantly slows down the development of the unique technology called cryotherapy. We decided to change this situation by providing physiotherapists with the modern effective toolwhich ensures performance of all medico-technical requirements to cryotherapy, capable to help to believe in a real miracle of cryotechnology. Two and a half years of research, experiments, hopes and mistakes, disappointments and achievements. The result is the ICEQUEEN cryocapsule. Its mass production started in the middle of 2013. In ICEQUEEN cryocapsule all principles of the real cryotherapy are most realized thanks to its main constructive principles: heat-isolation and proofness. ICEQUEEN cryocapsule is the modern cryosystem of the closed type which doesn't have analogs in the class. Quality is confirmed with the European certificate (CE). The thermoisolated leakproof design provides even on height of the camera and stable on temperature of air-nitrogen mix (–130...–160 °C) exposure on the whole body of the patient, except face (98% of a skin surface). The supporting plastic CASE provides absolute thermoisolation of a cabin from the medical treatment room. Light plastic reduced twice the weight of a cryocapsule. During procedure the patient, thanks to a special WINDOW of the procedural camera, breathes room air that absolutely excludes risk of overcooling of the top airways. The window provides permanent visual and verbal contact of the operator with the patient for safety and comfort of procedure. Interchangeability of the FACE ADAPTER allows to choose the suitable adapter for any facial contours. The modern elastic material of the adapter guarantees closeness of contact and hygienic procedure. Reliability of the CONTROL SYSTEM is guaranteed by accessories of Siemens (Germany). Automatic computer control of procedure mode allows not to depend on qualification of the operator. The progress of the procedure is displayed on the 10-inch color touch DISPLAY (made by Siemens). Supply of liquid nitrogen from the Dewar flask to the GASIFIER is carried out by means of a thermosiphon through a flexible cryogenic hose. The modified DEWAR FLASK allowed to reduce twice dimensions and weight of a thermosiphon and to facilitate its connection. The internal space of the PROCEDURAL CAMERA freely contains the patient of 2 meters height. The composite material of an internal covering provides additional heat insulation of the camera and allows to repeat sanitary and hygienic processing many times. Vertical gradient of temperatures is 10–15 ºС. Time of entering into the operating mode — 17–20 seconds. Effective cryotherapeutic influence begins almost instantly that reduces the time of being in the camera and reduces primecost of procedure. The sealed DOOR is locked without efforts. The design of locking elements provides full sealing of an aperture. The ELEVATOR — an electric lifting floor for positioning the face of the patient of any height in a window of the procedural camera. Lifting height is 350 mm.