GESIM Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH

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Company Profile Company profile GeSiM is specialized in liquid handling automation, microfluidics and micro contact printing. As a leading supplier of submicroliter dispensers GeSiM developed a unique design of piezoelectric pipetting tip, made from silicon-glass chips. The benchtop pipetting system Nano-Plotter runs up to 16 of these accurate dispensers and is mainly used as non-contact arrayer for microarrays, biochips and biosensors. The instruments of the Nano-Plotter line follows a strictly modular concept and "grow" with the applications of their owners. Post sales upgrade and a variety of accessories help to bridge the gap from research to production. The Nano-Plotter is successfully used for the production of (FDA) certified diagnostic products. The new bioscaffold printers allow to build up artifical tissues by growing of cells inside of spacial scaffold structures. Instruments for micro-contact-printing and nano-imprint-technology complete the GeSiM product portfolio.