Gascogne Flexible

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Advanced multilayers materials for Medical & Pharmaceuticals Gascogne Flexible is a leading converter of advanced multilayer materials, using a variety of paper and film substrates. Based in France, Gascogne has operations in 70 countries, across 15 production plants, and a network of 2000 employees. With extensive experience and leading positions in the healthcare & pharmaceuticals markets, Gascogne Flexible provides a complete range of enhanced solutions: • Flexible packaging solutions (multi-layer laminates for hot and cold seal applications) • Release liner solutions for adhesive transfer and protection • Printing solutions All materials are controlled and certified for safety and performance forPharmaceuticals drugs (gels, powders, granules or tablets), wound care dressings, bandages, surgical drapes, medical devices, transdermal patches, Feminine and senior hygiene,condoms, cosmetics. Gascogne Flexible is certified: • ISO 9001:2008 • ISO 22000:2005 • HACCP • ISO 14001:2004 • ISO 15378: in progress