FUTA-Q, Ltd.

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Company Profile FUTA-Q - Beta Titanium Small Tube FUTA-Q has been in business for99 years in Kyoto, Japan . Webelieve that man, material, machine and method comprise the core of manufacturing. The combination of these four elements and advanced skills results in establishment of the expertise of FUTA-Q, which means 29 in Japanese. The formula 4M + S = 29 represents this FUTA-Q philosophy . The ideas of developers in various fields, such as medical instruments, analyzers and semiconductor chips. It intends to grow into an idea resources company, providing developers with new design ideas, based on the expertise it has developed. FUTA-Q intends to solve a wide variety of challenges with state-of-the-art processing technology. Our company video here !! http://futaku.co.jp/wp/video/futaq_part1_EN-500kbps.flv If you ask for an appointment duringCOMPAMED 2015, we arewelcome to arrange the meeting in anytime. Please call us today at +81-75-661-2931 or E-mail us for an appointment as below. Takahiro INOUE: [email protected]