Franek Technologies Inc

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FRANEK TECHNOLOGIES (FTI) has specialized in supporting the Medical and Pharma-Biotechnology industry for the past twenty years. John Franek, founder and president of FTI states "Our Company was established to provide a technology bridge between instrumentation manufacturers and the power generation/distribution industry".FTI is a provider of targeted laboratory productivity and power protection solutions (LPS) for the scientific and healthcare markets. By learning and understanding the operating characteristics and power demand requirements of the major laboratory instrumentation systems, FTI application engineers are better equipped to support instrumentation users.Power quality problems represent a huge cost to the healthcare industry in lost productivity, expensive re-testing and re-calibration, as well as lost reporting time, and equipment damage.Franek points to field studies that have shown that electronic equipment powered by a clean, continuous energy source has a longer life span and a lower overall cost of ownership