Incorporated and located in Hillsboro, Oregon since 1977, I am proud to say that we are now one of North America's fastest growing dental equipment manufacturers. After working for the industry leader for 25 years, I purchased Forest Dental in 2004 and during the decade that dubbed this area the "Silicon Forest" we moved to our beautiful three acre campus. During the tech and real estate booms and busts, Forest continued to grow from our then 40 employees to 100 employees at the peak of the "Great Recession."

Our longest employment tenure is 22 years and during the harshest months of the economic decline, we can say with pride that we did everything but permanently lay-off an employee. We at Forest use the Japanese concept in manufacturing which is based on the concept of "Kaizen" or "constant improvement." As we have grown, we have gotten better first and foremost by listening to our customers and service technicians. We have hired industry experts to help implement the feedback we receive from you and are constantly using the ideas of our involved employees to improve our offerings and quality.