Mobile dental delivery system 5200 Forest Dental

Mobile dental delivery system 5200 Forest Dental

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Standard IC Control Head has an automated control for three hand pieces. Asepsis 3-way air has syringe comprises with water tubing of 4’ hand piece tubing. The device encompasses with 4-hole Midwest, asepsis style, 4’ pneumatic master control block. It has a master diaphragm for on and off. It has a personalized version with hand piece pressure adjustment and water coolant adjustment. Non- retraction water coolant has an adjustment with air coolant. It also offers hand piece flush, hand piece exhaust filter/oil collector, self contained clean water system with swift disconnect. With single bottle of 1-1/2 liter it has wet/dry foot control. The device encompasses with adjustable with height frame, 26” to 35” with twin wheel hard floor casters. In addition, it has external 7’ umbilical, external 7’ umbilical and standard utility center with housing and cover.
6200 NE Campus Ct,
United States
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