Fore Tech Medical

Endorse Company
The ProAct1 is a maintenance tool. There are, to be sure, many devices available for these patients. All of these other products claim to be ‘the answer' for these patients and it can indeed be quite confusing. Fore Tech and its' therapists know that one solution may be right for one patient and totally inappropriate for another. Since the therapist involvement is motivated not for financial gain but for patient rehabilitation, since therapists are trained to assess appropriate equipment fits to condition and since therapists are educated to educate, we feel that this is the only intelligent and responsible way to market the ProAct.Fore Tech handles the insurance for the patient and the therapist handles the trial, education, and delivery of our system. Fore Tech can also assist with the delivery, education and set-up of in-home systems, however, once again we believe in patient care delivered by health care professionals. In these cases we contract with nurses and or therapists to go into patients' homes. The ProAct unit is easily the most advanced gradient sequential unit ever built. The ProAct was designed to be patient effective, not cost effective. For this reason, the new and more cost effective distribution system was needed.