Flotec, Inc. began business in June of 1983 for the purpose of manufacturing specialized fluid power connectors, diesel fuel fittings and valves, liquid oxygen valves, relief valves, fill-to- vent valves and quick-disconnect fittings.The Flotec design team endeavored to create a product with the end user in mind. The goal was to produce a regulator that would be easy to read, easy to attach to the cylinder, easy to adjust, easy to identify, and at the same time, be reliable, accurate, durable, and above all, safe.This regulator was the first to feature a low profile contents gauge positioned to prevent breakage, the first to offer a large window through which to read the flow rates, the first to have high visibility night-glow numbers, the first to feature a soft seat, finger tight post valve seal with a stay-put design. (This meant that the yoke seal washer would cling to the pin on the post valve and that the regulator could be attached to the post valve using minimal hand strength).