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Our story The idea to boost human power by the means of external devises has appeared infinite number of times though out the whole history of mankind. As one of the most outstanding examples we may refer to the patented device made by Nicolas Young and called "elastiped". But almost all such projects turned to be unrealizable and remained to be only an idea. And even the first powered exoskeleton loader made American scientists in early 60s named Hardiman turned to be useless and too heavy to sustain even its own weight, which constantly led to abortion of the project. In 1969, just a few years after unfruitful attempts of American scientist, fare away in Yugoslavia there appears the first ever functioning stepping exoskeleton, designed and developed in the laboratory of Miomir Vukobratovich, Serbien and Yugoslavian scientist in the University in the name of M. Pupin (Belgrade, Yugoslavia). This device was the first stepping biomechanic mechanism that acted due to hydraulic fluid power and it was designed to help paralyzed people. This very exoskeleton was sent to Soviet Union, to the most famous and honored Laboratory of General Mechanics of Moscow State University (MSU) for further tests and improvements. Simultaneously the medical tests have being carried out by the specialists from the Central Sate Injury Treatment and Orthopedics Center. After having performed a number of tests and research the scientists from Mechanics Research Institute have accumulated a lot of information on the efficiency of exoskeletons for the purposes of rehabilitation for disabled people. Apart from this a number of improvements have been suggested to lower the costs and speed up the rehabilitation process. Unfortunately, because of the shrinking resources and drastic changes in the political situation in the country and the project was stopped in the middle of 80s. And only in 2013 the idea of using exoskeletons for the purposes of medecal rehabilitation reappeared in Russia. And only a few monthes later the first functional prototype of Russian exoskeleton ExoAtlet was made by ExoAtlet company. In the beginning of June 2014 ExoAtlet project has won the first place in the wholerussian start-up competition, that was organized by Skolkovo, best known foe support of perspective innovative projects. The "ExoAtlet" project got a lot of attention for its scocial value and innovative approach.