Euromi, your partner in plastic surgery & aesthetic medicine EUROMI s.a. is a belgian company specialized in the manufacturing and the distribution of medical, dermatologist and plastic surgery products. The company has been developing an excellent experience in this sector for more than 20 years. EUROMI s.a. offers the best products while always targeting the same goal, the total satisfaction of the customers and the safety of the patients. We are currently active in around 50 countries through distributors and we are constantly looking for new markets to be entered. We often attend several aesthetic and medicine international congresses each year and conduct 2 international workshops at our company every year. This makes us well-known by specialists of the sector. Euromi is ISO:9001, ISO:13485, CE, KFDA and FDA certified. We manufacture the major part of the products of our range, such as: - LIPOSCULPTURE: N.I.L - LIPOMATIC - EVA SP - N.L.F System (lipofilling) EUROMI has developed the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) giving the practitioner more precision, more safety to perform any kind of liposuction in local anaesthesia, for a more comfortable treatment, a shorter recovery for the patient, the respect of the tissues and excellent results. - MESOTHERAPY: DERMATIC Dermatic is an aluminium gun working with compressed air, allowing a painless treatment for the patient and a high precision for the practitioner. The gun is entirely programmable. Last version: Dermatic 3. - SOFT PEELING with glycolic acid Peel 70 / 99 are made of a buffered solution of glycolic acid, providing a high concentration of glycolic acid while ensuring a high pH (less irritation of the skin and an excellent efficacity). - MEDIUM PEELING with TCA: STEP PEEL The Step Peel is a progressive and selective peeling concept with specific creams after treatment. - COSMETICS: GLY KO LINE The Gly Ko Line is a complete range of cosmetics skin care based on glycolic acid and which offers a solution for any skin types and troubles (wrinkles, skin aging, acne, hyper pigmentation...). - NUTRITION : BIOMATIC The Biomatic is a multi-frequency impedancemetry device allowing the measurement and the follow up of the entire body composition. Focusing on the entire body, it will highlight a large number of ratios about fat body mass, lean body mass and water of the body.