Breast cosmetic implant / anatomical / silicone CEREFORM® EUROMI

Breast cosmetic implant / anatomical / silicone CEREFORM® EUROMI

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CEREFORM® breast implants are manufactured with optimum quality silicone materials. The trilaminar casing made of a medical grade silicone elastomer with excellent mechanical properties is pre-filled with silicone gel. A barrier layer effectively limits the perspiration of silicone gel through the casing. The autogenous welding patch also includes a barrier layer (exclusive to CEREFORM®) to provide even more safety. The specific formulation of the silicone gel enables it to feel similar to a natural breast to the touch. The imperceptible seal of the patch guarantees a perfect occlusion for an optimal safety. The implant is sealed to eliminate the risks of silicone leaks. No perforating is done during the manufacturing process, that could damage the integrity of the casing.
  • Area of the body:breast
  • Implant material:silicone
  • Implant shape:anatomical
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