DTR Medical Ltd DTR Medical provides medical professionals with high quality innovative single use sterile instruments that deliver patient and clinical value, combined with exceptional levels of service. Our single use sterile surgical instruments are widely used in some of the following surgical specialties: - ENT, Gynaecological, Neurosurgery, Vascular, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic and General surgery.

We also supply Endoscopy and Sterile Services Departments. The product range includes; Frazier, Zoellner and most other suction handles styles, Silicone Tube Sets and Silicone Slings, Cannula such as Tibbs Arterial and Dandy, Spackman Cannula, and Klerzyme enzyme cleaner. Following rapid development of the business in UK & Ireland and elsewhere, weseek more international partners to take advantage of the growingdemand for sterile single-use products.

As an experienced medical device manufacturer, we also handle design files, CE marking and contract manufacturing for other companies DTR Medical operate its own 2,000 square metre production unit with ISO class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanrooms equipped to handle medical assembly and packing.The facilityhas specialist expertise in handling liquid filling of medical devices and related products. It is manned by an experienced and fully trained team. The company has established relationships with UK and international suppliers, and it controls its own warehousing and distribution. DTR Medical employs 39 people, involved in sales, marketing, customer service, quality and production, mainly at the Swansea facility.