Diapath S.p.A. PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY, SAFETY. Specialized in medico-sanitary instruments, Diapath S.p.A. is a leader company in distributing nationwide its own products or those ones of the main international field companies.

The productive effort is steered into European market for some years too. The marketed high tech products are intended for the medical sector of histo-cytopathology, in particular instruments and consumables for the preparation of histological (human or animal tissue) and cytological (cells) slides. Diapath's main objectives are aimed to supply doctors and technicians of histo-cytopathology laboratories with high quality products and offer a competent support for the entire shelf life of its products.

The institution of a certified quality system, according to the most modern international standards (UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 and 9001:2000) guarantees the maintenance of an excellent position into the market and a continuous increase of products and services quality offered to customers. The system is set up to ensure professionalism, reliability and safety in each manufacturing phase from achievement to distribution, from product order to its use by the costumer.

Consider people as the main company resource, sharing aims and responsibilities, ensures the best success of Diapath S.p.A. and of its collaborators in term of results and earnings proportionate to investments. The constant accomplishment of preventive and corrective measures in manufacturing are signs of a company philosophy steered to achieving of mutual satisfaction with customers.