Tissue automatic sample processor / for histological sections Donatello FAST Diapath Spa

Tissue automatic sample processor / for histological sections Donatello FAST Diapath Spa
Donatello FAST

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Automatic closed circuit tissue processor for histological specimens RI (Reagent Identification) technology that identifies the reagents loaded in the tissue processor and assures reagents replacement at the right time and in the right position Ready-to-use pre-filled tanks, identified and certified with RI system Charcoal filter Vacuum/pressure cycles Up to 18 completely costumizable protocols with the possibility to set: reagents, incubation time, temperature, pressure and vacuum cycles, reagent agitation and possible delayed starting up Remote technical and application services in real time Automatic (wax) draining into a dedicated disposable tank or through an insulated pipe RMS - Reagent Management System for management and control of wax and reagents quality EHE (Enhanced Heat Exchanger) system - only for Donatello Fast - for fast processing of up to 360 small biopsies in 45 minutes Half Load option to use the right reagent quantity depending on the number of loaded cassettes RI system that, thanks to RFID reading, identifies the loaded reagent type and the correct position, avoiding any human mistake. The EHE (Enhanced Heat Exchanger) system allows reagents loading heating before going into the processing chamber in complete safety and without any delay on cycle duration, without the use of microwaves or ultrasounds. Dimensions: 690x700x1510 mm (WxDxH) Maximum processing capacity: 360 cassettes
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Martinengo (BG)
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