Founded on August 30, 1946 in Ribeirão Preto, the Brazilian Industry of Dental Instruments, first name Dabi Atlante, he began his story based on pioneering research and new concepts of work in dentistry.


The company followed a path of expansion to join in the early 1970s, with Atlante S / A Industries Dental Medical, São Paulo. With the growth, Dabi built its current industrial park, located on the banks of the Anhanguera highway. In July 1976, Atlante was definitely incorporated Dabi, being created Dabi Atlante S / A Industries Dental Medical. Months later, the company began operating in its new headquarters.


In almost seven decades of activity in the market, Dabi Atlante has built a reputation for reliability and quality oriented to the improvement of Dentistry. From the beginning, the company invests in training teams, research and development of products that meet the needs of dentists and patients.


With more than 80,000 dental practices operating in Brazil and with regular exports to over 30 countries, Dabi also became a reference in diagnostic imaging, periapical x-ray equipment and the panoramic most recently, CT scanners. At the robust market implants, created and launched in 2010 the system PROSS , rapidly growing in the country. Before that, in 2007, he invested in the D700 , a new brand aimed at the offices segment, peripherals and low cost handpieces.