Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set NEO DABI ATLANTE

Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set NEO DABI ATLANTE

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Composed of ultrasound and bicarbonate jet, designed to eliminate both mineralized and non- mineralized biofilm. » Scaler with 2 removable caps for sterilization It is not necessary to submit the whole scaler handpiece to sterilization, which causes damage to ceramic capsule. Just detach the removable cap and apply it to autoclaving, using the spare one during the sterilization process. » Peristaltic pump and irrigation solution tank Allows for the use of numerous antiseptic fluids and disenfectants for irrigation, thus insuring among other benefits, a better postoperative period. » 2-year total warranty Including the transducer, which is the most importand part in the scaler handpiece as it is responsible for te oscillatory movement.
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