CorTek Endoscopy Inc

Endorse Company
CorTek Endoscopy, Inc. is a service, manufacturing and research firm, focused on the healthcare industry. Dedicated primarily to the field of Endoscopy, CorTek Endoscopy Inc's strengths are seen in the service and the customer support we provide. Quality is apparent in everything we do. We offer competitive prices and service delivered with courtesy and professionalism.Service, of course, is the bottom line. Our reputation is built on providing the most personalized, time-efficient, and cost effective service possible. CorTek Endoscopy Inc's President, Cornel M. Topala, began his career as an Optical Assembler for a large endoscope manufacturer. Recognized for numerous product and process improvements, he also developed the staff repair training procedure as the assistant manager in the optics department and conducted ongoing repair training classes. He has a unique balance of theoretical and practical experience in endoscope design, manufacture and repair.