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Electrical Stimulation devices such as T.E.N.S (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) are battery operated devices that are used in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for the relief of acute and chronic pain due to arthritis , muscle sprain, low back pain syndrome and many other conditions. These hand held battery operated units deliver safe and effective electrical stimulation to the afflicted area and offer pain relief with no side effects or without the possibility of addiction as is the case with many pain relieving medications. Comfort Technologies, Inc. offers a complete line of T.E.N.S. devices which offer many features for the ultimate in treatment flexibility.E.M.S. (electrical muscle stimulators) devices are similar to T.E.N.S. units but have treatment capabilities beyond those of regular T.E.N.S. devices. Indications for E.M.S. include, muscle re-education, maintaining or increasing range of motion, relaxation of muscle spasm and muscle tension , prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy and edema reduction.The aforementioned treatment indications for use are those that are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.). In the U.S.A., these devices can only be dispensed on the order of a Licensed Practitioner. In many countries however, these devices may be purchased directly by the consumer where they are frequently used for indications including muscle building, breast enlargement,weight reduction, facial skin rejuvenation and other applications.