CODONICS American manufacturer of innovative medical devices for the past 30 years, Codonics is present in 125 countries with product solutions throughout the hospital: Infection Control • NEW! Compact, portable, and proven effective, Radius3 uses UVC technology at close proximity to high-touch surfaces to quickly eliminate dangerous Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs), providing up to 6 log reduction in pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, MDR-gram negative, MERS coronavirus, Ebola and C. diff spores.

Radius3 simultaneously disinfects multiple surfaces in as little as 90 seconds. • Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are contributing to the transmission of Hospital-Acquired Infections, while the patient's room has many high-touch surfaces highly susceptible to cross-contamination. Codonics Disinfection Technologies provide effective UVC solutions to quickly disinfect handheld devices and frequently touched surfaces to protect hospital staff and patients. Operating Room • Safe Label System helps significantly reduce medication errors and healthcare costs anywhere syringes are prepared. On demand, prints color, easy-to-read syringe labels that include drug name and concentration. Integration with leading manufacturers helps eliminate manual tasks in the OR while increasing safety. Also prints line labels to properly label tubing at both ends.

Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology • The world's leading multi-media imager. Horizon Dry Printers print on multiple sizes of film and color paper. • Virtua Disc Publishers record DICOM exams and viewers, and print customized disc labels onto CD/DVDs. Meets industry standards for (PDI) Portable Data Imaging. • Integrity Medical Disc Importers enable DICOM studies from outside CDs to be imported and reconciled into PACS. Compliant with IHE & IRWF Import Reconciliation Workflow integration profiles.