Storage device compact for medical imagery Infinity® series Codonics

Storage device compact for medical imagery Infinity® series Codonics
Infinity® series

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A new dimension in image storage Data sets get larger and larger even as case volumes increase, newer spectral CT data sets are burdensome in terms of storage and access. Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum of Mount-Sinai Medical Center recently added Codonics Infinity Medical Image Server to help alleviate local storage deficiencies. Many of their cases must be viewed or processed on a workstation. The finite capacity of the workstation drives is limiting, forcing deletion of cases they would rather preserve or impeding the transfer of new cases from the scanners. “Adding a free-standing server to our imaging chain has had a very positive impact on our daily imaging challenges. The addition of a dedicated high-end imaging server to our processing workstation has helped enormously, fundamentally boosting storage capacity. We now can safely sequester deferred cases devoid of risk of inadvertent deletion to make space for new case material streaming in from the scanners. With this roadblock to image processing removed, confidence in data security is improved and efficiency is enhanced.”
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