Cardiotronic Inc

Endorse Company
Cardiotronic was founded in March 2001 as a United States subsidiary to Osypka Medical. Osypka Medical, with facilities in La Jolla, California and Berlin, Germany, has been around for nearly 30 years in providing cutting-edge technology in cardiac rhythm management. Serving the Americas, Cardiotronic is committed to non-invasive cardiac the distribution of non-invasive cardiac monitors and cardiac rhythm management devices. The Osypka brand is associated with the name of Peter Osypka, Ph.D., who achieved worldwide recognition for his contributions to cardiac pacing, radio-frequency ablation and electrophysiology, including more than 250 patents. Dr. Osypka is chairman of the board of Osypka AG Rheinfelden (Germany) and professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg (Germany). Cardiotronic was formed for the sole purpose of developing, designing, and marketing an accurate, cost-effective, and safe method of measuring hemodynamics and ultimately, improving patient outcomes.