Emergency Solutions (Evac+Chair, ParAid Medical & CardiAid) Emergency Solutions (incorporating Evac+Chair, ParAid Medical and CardiAid),provides a complete package of products to cater for every eventuality whether that’s a life, property or health emergency. Evac+Chair International is the original manufacturer of the Evac+Chair, a universal evacuation chair that delivers smooth stairway descent for the disabled and mobility-impaired during an emergency. The business has also grown to offer a wide range of evacuation and life-saving emergency products, including the CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator. With over twenty years of expertise, Emergency Solutions continuously looks to increase their worldwide network that already includes the USA, Germany, India, South Africa and China amongst others. Evac+Chair International has extensive experience in supplying organisations across a number of sectors, including education, leisure, business and council buildings, and worldwide distributors alike with emergency solutions equipment. As well as supplying quality products and training, expert advice on responsible evacuation planning forms a counterpart of the service. Evac+Chair International prides itself on building strong links with customers to ensure they are aware of the comprehensive support available, whether that be training, maintenance or simply to talk through the right emergency solution required.