Carber Power Technologies

Endorse Company
CARBER is a North American Company with US operations based out of Morris, IL (incorporated in Toledo, Ohio) and Canadian operations (and Corporate Headquarters) based out of Sarnia, Ontario. The company was established in January 1995 to provide technical support to an innovative and unique hydrostatic weld testing process and hydrostatic/hydrodynamic isolation capability.All CARBER service companies are directly or indirectly wholly owned by Advanced Emissions Technologies Ltd. a Sarnia, Ontario based company (established in May 1994) that controls the patent and manufacturing rights to the CARBER equipment.The products; a hydrostatic weld test tool and a hydrostatic / hydrodynamic isolation tool are protected under U.S. Patent No. 5,844,127 and under Canadian Patent Laws, applications 2141956 & 2145792. The tools have proven to be a completely safe, cost effective and sound alternative to present testing and isolation procedures performed within the piping and pressure vessel industry. The CARBER nozzle tester is protected under International application PCT/CA99/00859.CARBER provides trained technicians to deliver timely, professional service to industry under a purpose designed Loss Damage Control Program that meets today's rigid standards and reflects CARBER's commitment to Safety & Service.