About Callegari Callegari Srl founded in 1930, began working as a distributor of pharmaceuticals in the Italian market. At the end of the 1990's Callegari Srl was acquired by the Catellani Group Company. The change of ownership marked a profound transformation both structurally and also of direction. The business concentrates solely on the production of diagnostic systems which are innovative and highly professional for the medical, pharmaceutical, beauty and wellness sectors. In only 5 years Callegari Srl created a first by introducing blood testing services into pharmacies and at the same time became a point of reference in the production of instruments for the analysis of free-radicals and oxidative stress at an international level. Today Callegari Srl is the leading manufacturer for point of care products in Europe. It has one direct branch (Belgium) and distributes its products in more than 45 countries worldwide.