Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact CR 3000 Callegari

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact CR 3000 Callegari
CR 3000

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Highly considered to be the single most used Hemoglobin, HDL, cholesterol, and glucose reader in Europe, the CR 3000 claims to be the very first device for carrying out initial blood tests as well as oxidative stress tests at the same time, all while using only one drop of blood. This instrument offers novel ways of, not only personalizing, but also of helping innovate blood testing services. The tests which the CR 3000 can cover include cholesterol, hematocrit, triglycerides, glucose, hemoglobin, lactic acid build-up, erythrocytes, uric acid build-up, antioxidant levels, glycosuria, and so many more. In addition, this device also sports 3 different, yet highly integrative reading cells.
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