boso: Bosch + Sohn GmbH u. Co. KG. Premium quality for doctor, clinic and patients. The measurement of blood pressure is one of the most important diagnostic tools in the GP office. Also for patients at home it is extremely important to check their blood pressure regularly. This can help to discover precarious vital signs early. Thus disease can be detected timely. boso - precision and expertise.

boso is a synonym for accurate blood pressure measurement. For over 90 years the company in southern Germany is well known as a premium supplier of high quality as well as innovative technology. Professional blood pressure measurement in clinical practice is associated with the brand for decades. 77% of all German doctors are working with a boso-device (API survey by GfK 01/2010). Regardless whether it is traditional blood pressure measurement or 24-hours-bp-measurement or even PAD screening with ABI-measurement - boso fulfils the high demands of professional users worldwide. Perfectly suited for every patient's needs. Also in self-measurement of blood pressure boso offers the highest precision. The variety of boso products offers a right and proper solution to every kind of patient. All boso products, however, have one thing in common: the famous boso quality.This is confirmed by the German Hypertension Society, which has awarded boso instruments several times with its quality seal.

Premium quality also in distribution and servicing. boso products are offered exclusively through medical retailers and pharmacies, but not supermarkets or discount stores. This gives the end-user of a boso product the best possible support and qualified service. That's because boso quality does not end in finishing the products in their production – boso quality means that doctors and patients are pleased in the long-term usage of a boso-product. It guarantees that boso-users get boso quality throughout the boso-products' lifetime. Product Overview: • blood pressure instruments for medical and hospital • blood pressure instruments for self-measurement • ABI measurement system • stethoscopes • thermometers • heating products • bath room scales For more information visit