The company BORCAD cz was established in 1990 as a construction and development studio. It was founded by its present co-owner and Executive Head Ing Ivan Boruta. Today BORCAD cz is a leading European producer of railway and medical technologies. The company employs 190 people, exports to more than 80 countries worldwide and thanks to its unique design and original construction solutions, it is one of the most innovative companies in this field.

In 2014 its turnover reached CZK 530 million. In the area of railway technology BORCAD cz offers a full range of products for passenger train interior. For example, it supplies seats for regional trains servicing all the key airports in Moscow and it is one of the suppliers for the preparations of the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Borcad seats are even fitted in the Pendolino trains and most recently in the Leo Express. BORCAD cz cooperates with renowned customers like Siemens, Stadler and Deutsche Bahn.

In the area of medical technologies BORCAD cz focuses on the development, construction and production of birthing beds, gynaecological, transport and dialysis chairs. In these segments the company ranks among the world top brands, a fact well-documented by a series of prestigious design awards. Borcad’s unique products help both patients and medical staff all over the world. The strength of BORCAD cz stems from its high quality R&D and construction background.