Hydraulic medical chair / geriatric 150 kg | SELLA Borcad

Hydraulic medical chair / geriatric 150 kg | SELLA Borcad
150 kg | SELLA

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The Sella multifunctional chair can be tailored to fit a variety of needs a person having limited mobility might have. This is an ideal fixture for assisted living facilities, retirement homes, clinics and hospitals, and even for home care. The chair also provides a highly effective means of transporting a patient to and from a bed. The Sella is more than just a means of transport however. A person confined to a chair of this type can relax in it, take his or her meals in it, and be taken virtually anywhere there is wheelchair access, while being much more comfortable than is the typical wheelchair. The seat is vertically adjustable, and the arm rests, leg rests, and back rest are adjustable as well. There are a range of accessories, such as a reading or meal table, that can be supplied upon request.
  • Operation:hydraulic
Frycovice 673,
Czech Republic
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