Your partner for real-time PCR detection BIORON Diagnostics is producer & worldwide acting trader of products for medical diagnostic. All products are based on the most advanced variants of PCR. Our real-time kits provide fast & sensitive procedures. RealLine Pathogen Detection Kits: I.e. Chlamydia Trachomatis, MTB, Herpes and TORCH. The kits are lyophilized, shipment at room temperature. Easy handling and reliable results.

RealLine Cancer Mutation Analysis: BRAF, EGFR & KRAS RealLine Diet Kit -SNP5 Detect: Determination of a persons genotype for an effective diet. RealLine Food Kits : Most sensitive and specific detection of unwanted animal DNA in processed food. RealLine Extraction kits: Optimal solutions for isolation of NA for a wide range of specimen (clinical samples and food). BIORON Diagnostics is experienced in Tender businesses and our team is always pleased to assist our international clients with technical support.