Biokit is a privately owned biotechnological company that is part of Werfen. It was founded in 1973 and is aimed at the research,development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of immunoassays and systems for the clinical laboratories, blood bank markets and IVD partners.

Our knowledge and experience mainly involve in-vitro diagnostic markers, based on antigen-antibody reactions, in the fields of infectious diseases and serum proteins, among others. As experts in Infectious Disease Serology, we offer a relevant range of productsleveraging a variety of technologies, most notably, chemiluminescence.

Biokit ranks among the top centers of excellence for Immunoassay development and manufacturing in the IVD industry, and drives biotechnology and assay innovation for Werfen. Werfen is a global leader with a long-term commitment to provide high quality, innovative IVD solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories to enhance patient care.