Automatic immunoassay analyzer / bench-top BIO-FLASH Biokit

Automatic immunoassay analyzer / bench-top BIO-FLASH Biokit

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BIO-FLASH is a fully automated, benchtop, random access and multiparametric immunoassay system. Magnetic particle separation with flash chemiluminescent detection delivers exceptional clinical performance, offering immunoassays with high sensitivity and extremely large dynamic ranges. Simple to use No reagent handling: self-contained, ready-to-use, precalibrated reagent cartridges Integrated barcode reader for reagent cartridges and samples Cartridges refrigerated at 4°C and stable up to more than 2 months onboard Calibrators & control barcoded Easy rack-loading system accomodates up to 30 samples Windows interface and touchscreen, flat LCD monitor with intuitive prompts Fast and efficient Up to 20 reagent cartridges onboard Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week Up to 64 tests/hour Time to first result: ~ 30 minutes Random or batch sample processing Continuos sample loading Clot detection STAT function Highly accurate Automated chemiluminiscent technology boosts accuracy and sensitivity Each assay is precalibrated to assure accuracy and standardization High sensitivity (isoluminol) No optical interference Reliability Automatic reflex testing Automatic results validation Westgard multi-rules Levey-Jennings charts
Can Male, s/n,
Llissa d'Amunt
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