Bel-Art Products Inc

Endorse Company
In 1946, our founder, Kurt Landsberger and his wife Anny set up a small shop which made simple household items, such as aprons and tablecloths. When Kurt discovered that the plastic material used to make these items was chemical-resistant, he began marketing his products to laboratory and medical supply houses pioneering the use of plastic equipment in the laboratory.As Bel-Art's product line grew, a conscious decision was made to serve the scientific industry exclusively. Within the next few years, Bel-Art had acquired processes for molding and welding plastic laboratory ware, firmly establishing us as a major supplier of scientific goods.Throughout the years, subsequent company and product acquisitions have expanded Bel-Art's offerings to the scientific community. Today, our Scienceware brand can be found in daily use in laboratories worldwide. Bel-Art's success in foreign markets has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, which has honored Bel-Art Products with the Presidential "E" Award for excellence in export sales.