The company ASID BONZ GmbH was founded in 1811 and was from 1815 to 1931 in the possession of chemists and pharmacists from Böblingen family Bonz. Within a short time, the company grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of inorganic basic chemicals such.

As hydrochloric and nitric acid heran.1847 developed Ernst Gottlieb Bonz the anesthetic chloroform purest kind, and at the suggestion of Prof. Dr. Bruns, University of Tübingen, succeeded it Richard Bonz 1894 produce as the first in the world narcotic ethers of absolute purity and durability. This meant for the development of surgical technique a revolutionary Verbesserung.In subsequent years developed ASID GmbH BONZ step by step to become a leading provider of medical supplies with a focus on: