Urinary drainage set UROSID® 24h Asid Bonz

Urinary drainage set UROSID® 24h Asid Bonz

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UROSID® 24h – the system for mobility and comfort The UROSID®24h is a closed universal leg-bed urinary drainage system particularly adapted both to mobile catheter patients for clinical use and homecare. Use as leg bag during the day and bed bag at night. UROSID® 24h leg-bed bagUROSID® 24h leg-bed bag This drainage system can be quickly and securely fastened to the leg using the specially designed UROSID® 24h straps. The straps can also be used to fasten the bag to the bed. The straps can be washed at 60°C. An additional urine bag can be attached to the drainage tap for a longer period of uninterrupted rest at night with the whole system remaining closed and hygienically secure.