IT Management

Singapore to Invest $750 Million Towards AI Innovation Resources

2024 06 Mar

  In his Budget speech on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said Singapore will invest more than 1 billion Singapore dollars over the next five years to further enhance the country's AI capabilities. Singapore's plan to invest more than $743 million into artificial intelligence over the next five years could strengthen its position as a...Read more

IT Management

Singapore AI Strategy: Focus on Chronic Disease Prevention

2019 19 Nov

Technology has played a big role in making Singapore's healthcare system one of the most efficient in the world. However, a fast-ageing population, as well as the growing burden of chronic diseases and rising cost of healthcare, can weigh heavily on even the most effective healthcare systems.     It came as no surprise therefore that the...Read more

Cardiology Management

National Heart Centre (NHC) of Singapore to install Agfa Heartlab Cardiovascular solution

2006 07 Dec

"SingHealth is extremely excited about the installation of the Agfa Heartlab Cardiovascular solution," said Dr. Soo Teik Lim, Senior Consultant Cardiologist at NHC. "Agfa HealthCare's solution will significantly enhance clinical workflow, resulting in a much improved working environment that will ultimately increase the quality of patient care."...Read more


Health Management

What COVID-19 has Taught Us: Insights on Singapore’s Healthcare System and the New Normal

2021 12 Jul

Singapore is world-renowned for being a unique and technologically advanced hub, and has proved to be one of the global leaders in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. talks with Associate Professor Wong Hon Tym, Clinical Director at the Centre for Healthcare Innovation, about the pandemic-driven progress in Singapore’s healthcare....Read more

Executive Health Management

Singapore: Transformative Shifts in Healthcare Management

2019 02 Oct

Summary: In a world of changing healthcare ideals, all that is required is a change in our mindset. Transformation is accelerating in healthcare, and this is particularly true with regards to healthcare in Singapore. It has been ranked the longest for life expectancy at birth (Global Burden of Disease Study 2017) as well as second for healthcare...Read more

Health Management

Singapore: Focus on Eldercare

2015 11 May

Singapore’s transformation from a low-income country to a rich, developed economy within a span of five decades is truly remarkable. The country’s GDP per capita of US$55,182.5 (World Bank 2015a) is currently among the highest in the world. This is in contrast to US$516 gDP per capita in 1965, the year Singapore became independent after seceding from...Read more