X-ray scanner (tomography) / for cranial tomography MiniCAT™ Xoran

X-ray scanner (tomography) / for cranial tomography MiniCAT™ Xoran

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What is MiniCAT™? The Xoran MiniCAT™ is a compact, upright volume computed tomography system designed for high-resolution bone window imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones and skull base. MiniCAT™ provides immediate access to images at the patient’s point-of-care, resulting in a faster diagnosis and treatment. For the Patient Your patients will enjoy the convenience of immediate imaging, a faster diagnosis, and the ability to begin their treatment more quickly. MiniCAT™ has a lower radiation dose than conventional (full-body) CT, and affords your patients the comfort of sitting upright in an open design, minimizing claustrophobia. Immediate imaging allows your patient to visualize their anatomy and leads to better compliance with the recommended treatment protocol. For the Physician MiniCAT™ gives you the ability to diagnose and treat your patients faster and more conveniently by offering imaging services at the point-of-care. MiniCAT™ is compatible with most image-guided surgery systems, and gives you more flexibility for surgical planning, post-operative evaluations and care. Data can be saved on a CD, DVD, or file server. Xoran software makes it is easy to print images and customized reports as well as transmit images for teleradiology services via XoranConnect®. For the Practice The MiniCAT™ allows you to save valuable time and resources by eliminating the need to outsource your CT scans. With MiniCAT™, you control the timing and quality of your scans, while at the same time keeping scanning reimbursement in your practice.
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