Diagnostic software / viewing / medical / medical imaging XoranConnect® Xoran

Diagnostic software / viewing / medical / medical imaging XoranConnect® Xoran

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What is XoranConnect® XoranConnect® is a HIPPA compliant web-based service designed to compliment MiniCAT™ by providing online viewing, off-site archival and backup of images, and easy access for both physician and patient. Online Viewing XoranConnect® features a fully functional online viewer. You can easily access images remotely via a compatible PC, or obtain a second opinion from a colleague, regardless of their geographic location. XoranConnect® allows for joint interpretation, peer review, internal QA review and off-site radiologist evaluation. HIPPA Compliant XoranConnect® safely archives your data to prevent lost or damaged patient information. In the event that patient studies stored on your computer are lost or damaged, data is safely archived for a minimum of ten years, as required for medical images. Off-site Storage and Backup XoranConnect® transfers patient studies via an encrypted link to ensure the confidentiality of patient information. Patient history, report notes and key images are retained. Your new scans will be sent automatically and daily to Xoran's secure, off-site data storage facility. With off-site backup, your scans are protected from catastrophic loss, such as electrical surges, power outages, computer failures, data corruption and viruses. XoranConnect® aligns with IAC accreditation requirements XoranConnect® meets the ICACTL Accreditation requirements for back-up storage of your CT scans and internal QA review.
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