X-ray protective glass RD 50® SCHOTT

X-ray protective glass RD 50® SCHOTT
RD 50®

Reliable shielding, clear view The composition of radiation resistant leaded glass from SCHOTT can be compared with solid lead and ensures excellent protection against gamma and x-rays. Lead oxide accounts for 65 percent of the weight of RD 50® radiation shielding glass. This makes these glasses a transparent alternative to other shielding materials. Crystal clear and effective Thanks to its high density, RD 50® achieves high x-ray absorption even when it is thin. It also meets the requirements of the German Institute for Standardization, European Standardization, and the International Electrotechnical Commission. RD 50® radiation shielding glass satisfies the requirements of DIN EN 61331-2 and IEC 61331-2.
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