Wireless cardiac Holter monitor TELE ECG CARD 100 IR Vitaphone

Wireless cardiac Holter monitor TELE ECG CARD 100 IR Vitaphone

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The most reliable telemonitoring system. Tried and tested a thousand times over in daily use - the best device for telecardiological functional diagnosis. Symptomatic arrhythmias are among the most frequent diagnoses in internal medicine and cardiology. Patients usually experience major distress, and quality of life suffers. Diagnosis is usually difficult and time-consuming since in arrhythmia events often no ECG is at hand to document the recurring symptoms. Unnecessary visits from the physician or on-call and self-hospitalizations are the costly consequences. The Tele-ECG-Card 100 IR is easy for the patient to handle and enables the attending physician to establish a conclusive diagnosis of asymptomatic arrhythmias of unknown origin. Tachycardic arrhythmias, in which a rapid heart rate and palpitations are the dominant clinical symptoms, are difficult to diagnose by conventional methods (ECG at rest or a 24-hour ECG). The same applies to bradycardic arrhythmias. The Vitaphone Tele-ECG-Card 100 IR stores up to 3 ECGs at the press of a button. Patients can record an ECG at anytime in normal everyday life whenever they sense an irregular heartbeat. The patient sends the stored ECG segments by telephone immediately or at regular intervals as agreed with the attending physician.
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