Whole body water massage bathtub LAGUNA series Mediprogress

Whole body water massage bathtub LAGUNA series Mediprogress
LAGUNA series

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LAGUNA is ideal part equipment of fitness centres, rehabilitation centres, bathing facilities. It is suitable accessory of massage saloons and sport facilities. Its highly effective massage and relaxation effect predestines it to be used in hotels, recreation centres, but also in households. The product can be supplied in the following modifications: LAGUNA LAGUNA Plus LAGUNA Bubble LAGUNA Plus Bubble APPLICATION The water therapy bath tub LAGUNA can be used for water therapy cures, particulary for the bath of the whole body of an immobile patient. Various kinds of bath cures can be adminstered in this tub as follows – simple hyperthermic, mineral, bubble bath, carbonic, radon and bath with add-ins. The possibility to use following bath cures remains in the higher models of Laguna tub: simple hyperthermic, universal, radon. At some cures with add-ins the surface colour of the tub shell may change. It is no defect, however.
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