Whole body water massage bathtub CH2000 - VOD 56 Chinesport

Whole body water massage bathtub CH2000 - VOD 56 Chinesport
CH2000 - VOD 56

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The VOD 56 tub with underwater and Whirlpool massage is suited for massaging the whole body as well as targeting specific areas with a high-pressure massage through a flexible single-jet nozzle. This type of massage has mechanical and thermal effects. A suitable temperature of the bath and hydro jet produces muscle relaxation. The water jet pressure helps warm up the muscles, which stimulates the neural and metabolic systems. This type of massage is used in the treatment of post-traumatic situations, injured muscles and ligaments, poor peripheral blood circulation, ischialgia, spastic and atonic poliomyelitis, and obesity. VOD 56 is a classic tub with underwater massage. The exceptional volume of water is suitable for patients with a greater body mass. The tub size ensures plenty of space for underwater massage. The 450kPA pressure massage ensures a very effective treatment. The tub is supplied with a two-step stool.
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