Lift medical chair / electrical 01230 - FANNY 2EL Chinesport

Lift medical chair / electrical 01230 - FANNY 2EL Chinesport
01230 - FANNY 2EL

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The dual motor rise and relax chair allows for backrest and legrest to be adjusted independently, by means of a low-voltage (28V) hand control. This chair helps the user keep proper posture while reading, watching television, relaxing or resting, or also rising and leaning forward. During motion of the chair the user can get all intermediate positions. Lift is carried out in a safe manner due to the sturdy frame that rests on the floor and to a smooth and continuous movement. This version allows the backrest to be even more reclined, and the leg rest to be further lengthened by 10 cm. In relax and resting position, it is possible to tilt the chair to raise the legs and improve the blood flow and decrease the pressure on discs. The width of the chair has been designed so that it can be easily moved from one room to another. It can be personalized to meet specific user needs. Provided with a wide pocket on the right side and with four swivel non-marking rubber casters with brakes, so it can be easily moved around. The seat and leg rest are made from the same cushion and cover, which ensures a steady and uniform support for the lower limbs. Weight: 52 kg. Weight capacity: 120 kg
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