Whole body water massage bathtub BALMED ECO Meden-Inmed

Whole body water massage bathtub BALMED ECO Meden-Inmed

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Balmed Eco - A modern medical bath tub specially designed for CO2 , brine or balneology baths. Ergonomically shaped basin made of high quality acrylic resistant to temperature and chemicals. The standard colour is white or calypso green. The side covers are made of acrylic reinforced with polyester laminate. The water system (excluding connectors) is made of plastic. Treatment possibilities: Brine baths can be warm, with temperature of 34 - 37o Celsius and 0.5 - 1.0% brine concentration or hot, with temperature of 37 - 40o Celsius and 2.0 - 3.0% brine concentration. For treatment in CO2 saturated water users can apply both spring water (e.g. acidic) or water taken from our CARBOSAT saturator column. Product features: bath tub of reduced capacity 140 - 240 liters reducing the treatment costs water supply: warm and cold warm water shower 3 types of media: water saturated with CO2 , warm and cold brine
  • Area of the body:whole body
Wenedów 2,
75-847 Koszalin
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