Weight training station (weight training) / chest press / traditional 3140 HUR

Weight training station (weight training) / chest press / traditional 3140 HUR

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The Chest Press enables movement which exercises the upper body muscles. Both the lever arms move independently. The seat is also adjustable in height. The shaped back support increases the comfort as well as takes the load off the spinal column during the exercise. Its standard features are: It comes with push buttons for easy and safe adjustment of resistance. This can be used at any time, even during the exercise. It offers adjustable seat heights. These adjustable seats help the user find a correct, safe and effective start position. It comes with horizontal and/or vertical handgrips which allow the exercise to be performed at different grip positions. It comes with the following options: It offers an optional isometric testing sensor attachment using which the machine can measure the isometric force output. It provides an optional foot pedal adjustment which allows the user to adjust the resistance with their feet, even for mid-range of exercise. It offers an optional neck cushion which accommodates for variance in size and posture. It offers an optional seat cushion which accommodates for variance in size of the user. It comes with a digital display that shows the resistance digitally, counts repetition, and even shows the heart rate when wearing a telemetry chest strap. It consists of large push buttons making the resistance adjustment easy and safe.
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