Warming mattress Warm 6100 Bejing Eternal Medical Technology

Warming mattress Warm 6100 Bejing Eternal Medical Technology
Warm 6100

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Professional Design for Operating Room; X-Ray translucent–It uses non-metal heating material , and doesn’t affect the quality of imaging examination during operation. Easy to use:ergonomic design, easy for operator and patient. No airborne contamination - It doesn’t affect surgical environment and sterile field. Easy to clean: easy to disinfect, popular clean and disinfect prodedures are ok. Variable sizes - Mattresses are available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to suit different applications and clinical needs. Heating mode: auto heating, manual heating Heating scope under auto mode: 33?-39?, in steps of 0.1? Heating scope under manual mode: 0%-100%?in steps of 10% Monitoring data: mattress surface temp, skin temp. Alarming data: power supply failaure, excessive temp, sensor failure, temp fluctuating, system failure. Mattress: 1900mm X 520mm X 30mm?Standard? 1200mm X 520mm X 30mm 1070mm X 520mm X 30mm