Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) / 6 independent cells HBY-A Bejing Eternal Medical Technology

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) / 6 independent cells HBY-A Bejing Eternal Medical Technology

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•Foot pump+lower limbs pump •Orthropaedic branch of Chinese medical association enrolled intermittent pneumatic compression system for preventing DVT into “VTE prevention guideline” Applications: 1) Deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis Except pediatric department, all the long-term bed and perioperative period patients are applicable. 2)Treatment for limbs edema caused by different reasons, like: Upper or lower limbs lymphedema caused by breast cancer operation or trauma; Venous return disfunction like varicosity, venous valve incompetence, etc.; Traumatic or acute limbs edema; Long-term chronic edema, refractory ankle edema, etc. Features Combining the advantages of foot pump and lower limbs: Medical staffs can set individual air chamber pressure for foot and lower limbs according to patient’s condition. The individualized treatment improves curative effect remarkably. One props two: One host can treat two limbs simultaneously. Upper limbs and lower limbs are optional. 6 air chambers is standard. TPU Sleeves: Environmental-protection material TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer)sleeves. The material is flexible in the whole seasons which can comfort patient. All kinds of oxidizing disinfection are workable, that helps maintaining its working life. High reliable design air flotation principle is used to distribute air in different chambers, which replaces electric magnetic valve(EMV), thus the EMV-related faults can be avoided totally. Mean free error time improves tremendously.
  • Number of independent cells:6 independent cells
  • Type:pressure therapy unit